International Institute for Security and Cooperation
is a Non-Governmental Organization - an association carrying out activity for public benefit. Its structure and functions are in conformity with the Law on Non-profit Legal Entities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

 Main goals of the Institute      

  • Support the strengthening of international and regional security;
  • Contribute to the enhancement of effective regional cooperation in the field of cross-border crime and terrorism counteraction, management of international crises and conflicts, energy security, environment protection, and migration processes.
  • Support the development of cooperation in international security at different levels and areas of public life.

Action plan

On Septemberl 29, 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria, was held the Аnnual general meeting of the IISC. Attendees agreed framework of the Programme of Action of the organization during the next work period.

Highlights of the program for the 2017/2018 year are:

1. Organise joint conferences and round tables with international participants representatives of the European Union and Russia dedicated to the topics of Terrorism and Narcotics;

2. Mark the International Day against Drug Abuse, 26 June 2018, with appropriate events;

3. Mark the International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2018, with appropriate events...



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