General Assembly

This 15 October 2008, in Sofia, the International Institute for Security and Collaboration (IISC) was founded. This non-governmental organization initiated by Mr. Rumen Petkov was cordially accepted by many eminent followers, involved in our political and public life and also in the problems of security and protection of public order not only in Bulgaria, but also in international scale.

The basic topic for IISC this year will be: "COMBATING TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS". Activities dedicated to the security of the Black-Sea region, the power safety and the struggle against the traffic of drugs shall be of priority, in partnership regarding the development of national and international projects.

This organization shall arrange and hold international and local conferences, shall publish reports, analyses and researches related to its goals, and shall also deal with non-governmental organizations, developing programs concerning security.

The founders and members of the IISC are:

1680, София, България
ул. "Пирин" 50
Сграда Скорпио, ет. 8
Телефон: +359 2 892 25 75 
Факс: +359 2 892 25 77