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The Chairman of the GA of the IISC, Rumen Petkov, presented the new book by Terrorism Expert Brian Jenkins, March 13 2019, Sofia, Military Academy

The Chairman of the GA of the IISC, Rumen Petkov, presented the new book by the American expert on terrorism and transportation security Brian Jenkins, who is a member of the Institute's Consultative Council.

"The book's great strength lies in the fact that it scrutinizes the truth and not the current state of affairs," said Mr. Petkov, who authored also the preface to the Bulgarian edition of the book.

"Not many people nowadays dare to say that terrorism has become an integral part of our everyday life.  The book offers many resolute opinions and evaluations that will not be liked by everyone, but they are truthful evaluations indeed."

The book's original English title, Reflections on Shadows, is a reference to the essence of terrorism - what is visible and what is beneath the surface.  It provides an in-depth analysis of the overall process of terrorism's emergence and growth from just a phenomenon to political practices and to a monstrous tool of blackmailing worldwide.

Brian Jenkins is a highly regarded analyst and security experts.  He authored and co-authored ten other publications related to various aspects of terrorism.  Mr. Jenkins noted that his collaboration with Mr. Rumen Petkov had always been very productive.

"The world we live in has changed substantially.  Until a few decades ago, I could not even imagine that I was going to talk in front of Bulgarian students.  Today, terrorism has become a reality of day-to-day life even though many people are trying to deny this fact," added the expert in front of dozens of representatives of the Bulgarian Army and of the special services who attended the presentation at the Georgi Sava Rakovski Military Academy.


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