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Chairman of the IISC General Assembly visited the Republic of Iraq, 25-26 January 2020, Baghdad, Iraq

The Chairman of the IISC General Assembly Rumen Petkov visited Iraq (25-26 January 2020) where he met one of the most prominent politicians in the Arab state.

During his visit, Mr. Petkov also met with the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Iraq Dr Yassin T. al-Yasiri. At the talks, they discussed issues related to security, the reestablishment of the statehood of Iraq and of the state institutions, efficient control and the fight against the trafficking in drugs in the region.

It was agreed that regulations governing the operation of the two law-enforcing ministries - the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Iraq - were "wheels within wheels". Mr. Petkov emphasized for the Iraqi Minister of Interior that the resumption of the traditions of training and drilling Iraqi police officers in Bulgaria would be extremely useful, especially from the perspective of the advantages of police training in Bulgaria and the available teaching staff capacity and experience in security police training.

In addition, Rumen Petkov stated that members of the International Institute for Security and Cooperation would be willing to give expert assessment and to offer support and assistance with an analysis of the legislation now in place, the adequate deployment of forces, the protection of public order and crisis management in the Republic of Iraq.

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