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Working meetings of the Chairman of the IISC General Assembly Rumen Petkov in Libya, 03-04 November 2018


The Chairman of the IISC General Assembly Rumen Petkov visited Libya where he met Libya’s Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha whom he congratulated on his appointment and wished him success.

At the official meeting, Mr. Petkov brought to the Libyan Minister’s attention the possibility for the Bulgarian State to provide to Libya schemes for countering the illicit drug trafficking and drug trade, money laundering, training of police officers, an overseas service, general police officers and the fire service.

Mr. Petkov stated to Minister Fathi Bashagha that he was willing to be at disposal for an analysis of the Libyan law-enforcement system’s structure and proposition of action to reform it that Libya’s Minister of Interior accepted with great gratitude.

Minister Fathi Bashagha showed tremendous interest in the opportunity to avail of Bulgaria’s potential in officer training and was assured that the Bulgarian State could provide such training, with special equipment included. Libya’s Minister of Interior immediately commanded that his services should start preparations and expressed his willingness to visit Bulgaria and to proceed with concrete actions to train Libyan law-enforcement officers. Rumen Petkov informed Minister Fathi Bashagha that the Bulgarian State holds great expertise in the NGO center in addition to the great potential that was developed over the years in the MoI Academy.

During the official meeting, Minister Fathi Bashagha expressed confidence that as Minister of Interior he would see to the security and defense of the Bulgarian nationals who live and work in the territory of the Libyan state.

During his working visit to Libya the Chairman of the IISC General Assembly Rumen Petkov met Mohamed Al-Raed, Chairman of the General Libyan Union of Chambers, and Al-Mahdi Al-Amen, Libya’s Minister of Labor. Matters of mutual interest between the two countries were raised and discussed at the meetings.

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