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Letter of condolence for the death of Franco Frattini - former Italian European Commissioner

Dear Franco,

 You need to know that we lost you way to soon.

We lost great human and decent politician.

When we have worked and cooperated together in period between 2004 and 2008, you as Commissioner and we as Ministers on the sessions of the Council for internal affairs and justice, we developed personal, friendly relationships, but at the same time we accomplished great things at political level.

We will never forget projects in which you have dedicated so much energy and yourself. Projects, that have spread spirit of Europe. With your support and cooperation, Schengen was enlarged with 9 new member states.

You said, that we have to open borders and give European citizens Christmas gift and we gave them this gift on Christmas 2007.

You helped with return of 4 medical nurses from Libya.

You did seen vision of Eu enlargement to W. Balkan and together we accomplished starting steps for this area toward Europe.

You were as a person great friend and speaking and working with you was a privilege.

Our bonds were strong also after finished political duties. We will remember you as a good friend that we could always rely on.

With loosing you, we lost great human, the same is valid for your country and for Europe.


Dragutin Mate – member of the MB IISC

Rumen Petkov – chairman of the MB IISC


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