Action plan 2018/2019

PRIORITY ACTIONS  for 2018/2019:

  1. To make an analysis on the post-Brexit European security architecture - a joint initiative of all IISC members;
  2. To continue the regular submission of IISC analyses to the European Commission in Brussels along with information about the International Conference on Terrorism and Electronic Media that took place from 26 to 29 September 2017 and in which the IISC members took an active part;
  3. To organize a roundtable to be hosted in Bulgaria for the purpose of presenting an analysis on "Drug trafficking routes, drug dealing and growing drug addiction";
  4. To plan events that are relevant to the forthcoming Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union: suggestions of ideas and a related implementation plan to be developed by Mr. D. Subev and Mr. R. Petkov;
  5. To continue analyzing the refugee influx and the migration problems that arise therefrom - Mr. Pintér's initiative dating from 2015;
  6. To mark the 10th anniversary of the last enlargement of the Schengen Area with a conference to be organized in Slovenia and with an analysis on "SIS2: condition and likely post-Brexit problems" and with the kind support of Mr. Mate. To extend an invitation to incumbent interior ministers, as for instance ministers from Hungary, Slovakia and other countries;
  7. To maintain an active information exchange with the UNODC headquarters in Vienna as relevant to the participation of IISC members in forthcoming events and to launch initiatives to organize joint conferences and roundtables;
  8. To act on Mr. Peikov's proposition and bring Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen Area up for active discussion especially during the Bulgarian EU Presidency, in addition to the state of affairs and the problems to be viewed from the Balkan states' political and geostrategic perspective;
  9. To act on Mr. Subev's proposition and frame a concept of a long-term program to make Bulgaria a Balkan hub for European policies; to provoke a discussion about Bulgaria's offer to host the European Medicines Agency;
  10. To comply with the new Non-Profit Legal Persons Act and the requirement to be met, viz. the IISC reregistration, lawyer Gramatikova was directed to proceed with it as appropriate and to compile and lodge the requisite documents with the Registry Agency.



  • Formation of working groups, advisory committees and attracting professionals and experts by decisions of the Managing Board to support the activities of the Association with a view to the Association's participation in specific projects and activities;
  • Presentation of the IISC by presenting analytical products to local and international government agencies;
  • Initiation of workshops, seminars and round tables with the participation of Bulgarian and international experts and IISC founders as well as all other activities of the IISC are set in accordance with its Charter obligations.


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