Action plan 2015/2016

  On April 16, 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, was held the Аnnual general meeting of the IISC. Attendees agreed framework of the Programme of Action of the organization during the next work period.
Highlights of the program for the 2015/2016 year are:

1. Organise joint conferences and round tables with international participants representatives of the European Union and Russia dedicated to the topics of Terrorism and Narcotics;

3. Mark the International Day against Drug Abuse, 26 June 2016, with appropriate events;

4. Mark the International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2015, with appropriate events;

5. Organise a series of lectures and open discussions - traditional joint initiatives with the University of National and World Economy, the New Bulgarian University and the University of Library Science and Information Technologies;

6. Active partnerships with UNODC representatives and exchange of visits to establish contacts with representatives of government institutions in relation to the preparation of annual statistical reports on trafficking in human beings and migration processes.

The members of the IISC added the following proposals to the above draft:

1. Meeting with the management team of the Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria in relation to the security problems prompted by the refugee wave of Syrian citizens and the concentration of the refugee flow on the territory of our country.

2. Initiate a meeting with Bulgarian representatives to the European Parliament to implement joint initiatives on the main topic of IISC's work: drug trafficking, organised crime and trafficking in human beings.


  • Formation of working groups, advisory committees and attracting professionals and experts by decisions of the Managing Board to support the activities of the Association with a view to the Association's participation in specific projects and activities;
  • Presentation of the IISC by presenting analytical products to local and international government agencies;
  • Initiation of workshops, seminars and round tables with the participation of Bulgarian and international experts and IISC founders as well as all other activities of the IISC are set in accordance with its Charter obligations.
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