Consultative Council

Ambassador Robert S. Gelbard, USA

Chairman of Consultative Council

Chairman of Washington Global Partners - consulting firm specializing in crisis management and risk analysis, former US Ambassador in Bolivia and Indonesia.

Brian Michael Jenkins, USA

Member of Consultative Council

Born on 1942 in Chicago. Expert on terrorism and transport safety. Over the past nearly four decades analysis have been made on the threat of terrorism. Jenkins was advisor of governments, private companies, the Catholic Church, the English Church and many other international organizations. Jenkins joined the army 19 years of age. He serves at the seventh special group of forces in the Dominican Republic and at fifth special group of forces in Vietnam. Subsequently served as a civilian to a Group of long-term planning tasks as advisor to General Creigton Abrahams, commander of military operations in Vietnam. From 1989 to 1998 he was deputy chairperson of the security  company Croll Associates. Jenkins is author of number of books including "The proof nation" (2006) and "Whether nuclear terrorism will happen?" (2008), where is dealing with most heavy issues related to terrorism. He currently works as senior adviser to the chairperson of RAND Corporation and head of the Center for Security in transport  at the Transport Institute in Mineta. He was also a Committee for security and Safety member in the Wing to the White House during 1996 -1997, and advisor to the National Committee on terrorism issues in 2000. He served also as an adviser to the U.S. Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, the National Regulatory Commission for Nuclear Energy and other governmental organizations.

Rodolfo Peikov, Italy

Member of Consultative Council

Mr. Peikov has spent over 30 years with the United States Anti-Drug Agencies starting with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) which became the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) under the United States Department of Justice in various posts around the world. His last assignment, before retirement, was with the DEA in Europe.

Mr. Rodolfo Peikov  is member of AFNA - Associaton of Federal Narcotics Agents, as well as member of  INEOA - International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.

Dr. Shandor Pinter, Reserve General and Police Lieutenant, Hungary

Member of Consultative Council

Born in Budapest, Hungary on 3 July 1948. Graduated from the Budapest Polytechnics University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and later the Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior (1978). In 1986 he graduated from the State University "Eötvös Lorand", Faculty of Law. In his professional career has held successive positions: Junior investigator in Zuglo region during the period 1972 -1978; Principal Referent in the Inquisitional Department at the General Directorate of National Police; Head of Department in combating crime in the Regional Police Department of Buda (1985 -1988); Head of Inquisitional Department at the Regional Police Department of Peshtenska region (1988 - 1990); during the period March - September 1991 - Chief of Police in Budapest; from 1991 to 1996:  Head of the National Police. During the period 1998 - 2002 he served as a Minister of the Interior of Hungary and since 2010; Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary.  He was Member of the Board of Directors of AD Banka OTP. Married with three daughters. On October 15th 2008 was elected member of the International Institute for Security and Cooperation General Assembly.

A Reserve Officer, General Valentin Petrov, Bulgaria

Member of the Consultative Council

Born in 1959 in the town of Etropole. Graduate from the University "Paissi Hilendarski" in Plovdiv, subject "Physics". In 1986 graduated in the Ministry of Interior Academy. In 1996 he completed specialized courses in the International Legal Academy FBI, and in 2002 the same Academy in the USA. In 2000 he successfully completed training courses in Scotland Yard, and in 2002 - in the Secret Service. Received in the structure of the Ministry of Interior in 1985. Consecutively he held the posts: Head of Regional Police Department in Asenovgrad (1997), Chief Police Service in Plovdiv (1998), Director Internal Affairs Regional Directorate in Plovdiv (2002), Head of the National Office for Combating Organized Crime (2004), Head of the National Police Service (2005), Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior (2007), Married with one daughter. On October 15th 2008 was elected member of the International Institute for Security and Cooperation General Assembly.

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